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A Book to End the Pain of Chinese Learning


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The ONLY Program to Learn Chinese Like a Native Speaker

What Can You Expect ?

  1. To understand Mandarin Chinese like a 3-year-old native speaker in 8 months

  2. To speak Chinese fluently and recognize 300 Chinese Characters like a 6-year-old native speaker in 14months

  3. To be able to read and write in Chinese in daily life in 18 months

  4. To be able to work and study in fully Chinese environment in 24 months

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How to learn Chinese like a Native Speaker?

Languages are trained, not learned by sitting in on lectures.

Based on theories of Comprehensible Input and Automatic Language Growth, ChineseWei has developed a thorough Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing training course for you.

All you need to do is play and watch the videos to train Mandarin Chinese.


What We Do?

Was it hard for you to learn your native language? Absolutely not!


Is Mandarin hard for Chinese people?Absolutely not!


Why people tell you Mandarin is hard? Just because they don't learn Mandrin the Chinese way!


In this Program,you will learn Chinese as if it were your mother tongue!

In this program,you will learn Chinese from ground up like a Chinese baby.


First you understand Chinese.


Then you speak it.


Finally you read and write it.


The program provides everything you need to master this language!


Follw clear step-by-step instructions.


Watch simple step by step video lessons.


Finish practical step by step practice.


ChineseWei will be with you every step of the way.


You'll never get lost. You always know exactly where you are and what to do.

You are One Step Away


Join the most important and life-changing Chinese language program, you will get:

  • Step by step video lessons released very week
  • Exercises to accompany each lesson
  • Study material downloads
  • Private Community
  • One-on-one question answering service by ChineseWei
  • Easily follow along in chronological order, so all you have to do is click play and see results.

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To eliminate your risk, we offer a 7-Day No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee. For any reason, if you decide the course is not for you, let us know within 7 days of purchase. You'll get your money back immediately.